Here is the wedding of Nansi & Adam from Koh Samui in March at Villa Kalyana Koh Samui South Beach…. What I thought was kinda a dud on the day turned of GREAT!, I was a bit concerned about the portrait session as the couple expressed their love & want for heaps of sunset photos which we organised time wise but unfortunately it was cloudy, completely gray leaving me with zero light to play with so I had to rely on poses, their chemistry and good looks!..Good thing the bride is former model in Bangkok, Thailand (yes she is half THAI) and Singapore before settling down and moving back to Australia to be closer to Adam and iif I were a betting man I’d say Adam has some modeling experience, what do you think?  ….. To my amazement the portraits came out better then I could have asked for, I guess the gray skies complimented their skin tones leaving no harsh highlights or shadows and their natural ability in front of the camera helped. I ended up with 40-50 portraits from just a 15 min session, this is almost unheard of as even in a 1hr shot I normally end up with just a handful of useful ones, I even had a hard time processing the images because I didnt want to delete any of the photos, not even the duplicates!.. The rest of the day/night was fab, the wedding party were very friendly and alot of fun as you can see from the photos they danced the night away… The video that was produced by The Baci Productions (us) will be up shortly.  Daniel Baci Photography